Musical Chairs

Take a seat and create a beat. Each chair triggers its own musical layer and LED under-glow. The more chairs occupied, the more musical layers will sound in unison.

© 2019 Simon Watts - all rights reserved

       MUSICAL CHAIRS is an audience-activated interactive art installation which allows the participant/s to manipulate musical instrumentation ‘live’!

For all ages. It engages and inspires interest in music, new technology, performance and spontaneity.

      Through the language of music and          with the help of sensor technology, participants challenge their musical compositional creativity by engaging first-hand with the art installation as well as with their fellow ‘performers’. The technology allows human interaction to trigger audio loops, one-shot audio samples and LED under-glow lighting. This enables the musically challenged to enjoy the process as much as a skilled musician. 

       The installation provides variation in          sounds and music. Each day a new set of music and sound designs are assigned to the chairs from pre-programmed music production. One group may orchestrate a reggae groove, another group may perform their rock piece. This brings a fresh experience and perspective to the installation regardless of how many times a participant visits.

      Musical chairs has gone                 through several iterations in design and technology: From hopscotch tile triggers to marimba lookalikes to audio piezo contact microphones to electronic capacitive touch sensors. With fine tweaks along the way, prototypes turned into a finely tuned audience-activated installation that appeals to all.

Festivals | Corporate events/parties | Weddings | Council public art installations