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Hopscotch logo.png
Hopscotch logo.png

Create music with 'Hopscotch'. Each tile triggers sound and light to produce a rhythmic and visual experience.

© 2020 Simon Watts - all rights reserved

HS vid

Hopscotch, is an audience activated, audio and visual interactive installation. The classic hopscotch layout prompts a nostalgic response from participants who hop or step across the square tiles. 
Each hopscotch tile triggers an audio sample and under-glow LED lighting. 

Hopscotch logo Black.png
Splore 2020 - Glenn McLelland  - DSC_128
Photo: Aerial Vision
HS still 2_1.6.1.jpg

As participants become more experimental, they explore it as a giant MIDI controller or beat pad. The ‘performers’ now have a blank creative canvas to collaborate in ‘freestyle’ playing or to compose their own musical performance by triggering the Hopscotch tiles. Hopscotch encourages human interconnection on a creative level, as well as promoting physical activity.

Hopscotch logo Black.png

Hopscotch audio is completely customisable to suit its audience's music genre or event theme. The pre-programmed audio is all-original music production and sound design.

Hopscotch logo Black.png

Festivals | Corporate events/parties | Weddings | Council public art installations

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