Body percussion workshops


Body percussion is a special combination of both music and movement. It challenges the brain rhythmically using just the body to explore rhythm. Creating sound using just your body opens up a surprisingly extensive creative canvas to work from.

Who's it for?

  • Groups of all ages

  • Primary, intermediate and high schools

  • Dance studios

  • Music colleges

  • School holiday programs

What do you get out of it?

  • Physical coordination

  • Rhythmical knowledge

  • Confidence

  • Choreographic and compositional skills

  • A full mind and body workout

Not only is body percussion a physical workout but a mental exercise as well, making it the brain's equivalent of a full body workout. It engages practically every area of the brain at once, linking the mathematical left hemisphere with the creative right.

Whats involved?

  • Simple and complex coordination

  • Team building

  • Polyrhythms

  • Syncopation

  • Groove

  • Dynamics

  • Time signatures

  • Choreographic techniques

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